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F9 tell story about "Dominic Toretto and his crew battle the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they've ever encountered: his forsaken brother..".

Cast : Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, John Cena, Charlize Theron, Sung Kang, Helen Mirren, Kurt Russell, Lucas Black, Shad Moss, Anna Sawai, Vincent Sinclair Diesel, Finn Cole, Thue Ersted Rasmussen, Don Omar, Shea Whigham, Vinnie Bennett, J. D. Pardo, Michael Rooker, Jim Parrack, Jason Tobin, Cardi B, Lex Elle, Krzysztof Mardula, Amber Sienna, Martyn Ford, Albert Giannitelli, Ozuna, Méghane De Croock, Bad Bunny, Siena Agudong, Isaac Holtane, Immanuel Holtane, Azia Dinea Hale, Juju Zhang, Karson Kern, Igby Rigney, Sophia Tatum, Francis Ngannou, Cered, Oqwe Lin, Bill Simmons, Luka Hays, Jimmy Lin, Gal Gadot, Jason Statham

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  • Runtime : 145 minutes (2' 25")
  • Genre : Action Adventure Crime Thriller
  • Production : Original Film One Race Perfect Storm Entertainment ZXY MOVIES
  • Release : Mei 19, 2021
  • Countries : United States of America
  • Languages : English

User Reviews


    8 day ago - **CAN YOU SAY, ER ... " BADASS-EST " 😅 💥❓ ... { THIS IS A SEMI PARODICAL TITLE } .** A "Good, Old Fashioned" **-{ _B I G_ }-** Screen Review . ______________________________________________________ Letty Ortiz: "Hi, little Brian. I have a gift for you. Your Daddy gave me this, & now I'm going to give it to you. It's very Special { Letty takes off her necklace & puts it around Brian's neck }'s for protection... from what's coming" . ______________________________________________________ First & foremost, -{ Not Only }- is this undeniable "behemoth" of a movie, with its USD 200 Million -plus- production budget, broadly speaking, **-{ GENUINELY ✅ }-** enjoyable; but it is -Also- "rather surprisingly", and very reassuringly so . . . " relatively " . . . -very- Family Friendly, indeed. As a doting -{ _P a r e n t_ }- , I had, to be very honest, expected -Considerably- worse; given what the 'seemingly standard trend' with Blockbuster-fare ( on -this- magnitude, atleast ) is, in this... 'our pretty, darn reckless' and age . Moreover, I just **-{ LOVE 👏 }-** how the movie ...unreservedly... -not only- "laughs out loud" -{ at itself }- of course , but often -Also- seems like it's having a 'rollicking good time' doing it. For -all- the 'Contrarian'-reviewers on a very similar platform to this known as 'IMDb' { that appear absolutely -Bent- on picking this fairly "lighthearted" & essentially **" PLAYFUL "** picture apart for just about 'every conceivable reason under the sun' }: I have -just- 3 'Profound' words to say to you: "Watch It Again". Because that is -just- what I did, & I ended up enjoying it -{ way }- more the second time around ; managing to, on the one hand, clear up -Several- of my initial doubts... & on the other ; to -{ truly }- appreciate how ( actually ) "Un"-seriously ..."F9" really takes itself. Keep your eye out for the tiny but absolutely -{ hilarious❗}- little "Who's Dominic Toretto?" scene ; you'll get a better feel for what I mean. But let me be .."Starkly".. clear. -{ In no way }- is my review title meant to suggest to you, -even remotely- , that this is somehow 'the best cinematic offering on earth' right now, or -any- such manner of preposterous thing. The pointed -{ reason }- , as it were, for my use of the -decidedly- " Lively " , Benignly Parodical, & even "mildly histrionic" , film review -Title- that you see above, is, quite simply , 'as follows' . ----- " It's a well known fact by now that the -{ Ever }- grandiose pictures of the 'Fast And Furious' franchise seem to -forever- be looking to " One Up Themselves " , in terms of making their vehicular ( in particular ) action sequences -{ well and truly }- " One-Of-A-Kind " . In keeping with this 'practically-Sacrosanct ( 🙏 😅 )' , time honoured tradition . . . . F9's very accomplished 'In-house' writer-Director Justin Lin has ( -Yet- ) again proven that he most certainly is the very 'living embodiment' of this rule, by taking those wild & wacky ( bespoke ) 'Gas-Guzzler Gymnastics' of his all the way , you guessed it , to -{ Outer Space }- . . . . not to mention all the -many, many- other ( almost ) as utterly, utterly, utterly '_Ludacris_' stunts performed ...seemingly as if... 'by all those Mega-fancy automobiles themselves'. ( Watch the final -official- trailer for F9 , if it's still going to be a while before said movie hits your part of the world ). So there you have it. Hence that 'affectionate little touch' of, well , " Classic-hyperbole " , in my review-Title . " ----- And so, in closing, here are the things I consider to be the -{ Most }- likeable, about the picture. 1 : The ever-fresh, ever-sweet rapport that 'Dominic Toretto' ( Vin Diesel ) has with 'Letty Ortiz' ( Michelle Rodriguez ). 2 : The { Un }-deniable " Brilliance 🌠 " , really , with which -Several- mind bogglingly complex, & indeed, 'super-Protracted' multiple vehicle chase & combat scenes were put together. 3 : -All- those "giant-Magnet special effects", ( this is -Also- teased in the trailers, which are freely available to watch on youtube ), meticulously crafted to, frankly, ".nothing less than sheer -{ Perfection }- " . 4 : The film's -{ Delectable }- smattering of short, nonetheless utterly -Classic- " Movie-Reincarnation sequences " . Meaning . . . { action or comedy ( or both ) 'Re-works' of -Well- established , ( & often beloved, even ) , " Universally Iconic Cinematic-moments " } . . . which in the case of F9 ...{ Un }-mistakably... were sequences that hearkened -Right- back to a few ( very ) specific, timeless, & -Massively- popular scenes from A : 'Jurrasic Park-Part One', B : 'Terminator Three-Rise Of The Machines' ( **-OR-** 'The Dark Knight' : your prefererence, really ), & C : 'Austin Powers-Part One', -even- , just to name the ( Most 💙 ) notable ones. 5 : And last but by no means the least : there really -{ Was }- a whole lot of -actually- funny stuff in F9. And I am, -of course- referring here to -Very- many moments of "Unabashedly-Dumb Frivolity" involving , ( but not limited to ) ; none other than the " Uber-talented " Tyrese Gibson, ( 'Roman' ), & his -equally- Fun partner-in-comedy, Ludacris ( 'Tej' ) ; with the ever charming Nathalie Emmanuel ( 'Ramsey' ) chiming in 'most pleasantly' from time to time, for good measure . Summary : If you -{ Didn't }- come to F9 to see cars flying in, well, -outer space- , ( and other such " _Colossally_ " Zany-things ) , then you -most certainly- came to the wrong place. { Translation } : if you're ( one of those ) the -'Many, Many'- ( aforementioned ) negative-reviewers, and feel like you were ( -better- ) suited to simply watching 'Normal' cars just driving around, well... 'Normally' ...& -{ Not }- doing a multitude of "crazy & extraordinary" things ; then can I -very humbly- recommend, say, ....going & sitting down at a nearby bus-stop, & watching 'The Street'.... -{ Instead }- . Because, 'for better or worse', -this- movie does -{ Exactly }- what it says on the tin , " & Then Some " . Furthermore, the two -Main- Male "Lead-pairs", namely, A : Vin Diesel and John Cena ; and B : Vinnie Bennett and Finn Cole, ( a.k.a 'Young Dom', and 'Young Jakob' ), play -{ remarkably }- well off one another ; whilst -All- the "Leading Ladies" plunge headfirst into this veritable, **-{ MINDLESS }-** Fun-Fest , " With A Vengeance " . So it's going to be a generous, -{ "Very Grateful" }- , and decidedly " pandemic-Considerate " 7.75 Marks Out Of 10.00 from me. Well, only one thing left to say, then. **" _I G N I T I O N_ 😅❗ " .**

  • garethmb

    3 day ago - After being delayed from a summer 2020 release by the Pandemic; Universal has released the latest film in the Fast and The Furious franchise to fans eager for some adrenaline-fueled summer action. “F9 The Fast Saga” has done well in the few countries it has already been released, and has raced to a nearly $300 million total which the industry hopes is a signal that people are ready to return to cinemas in numbers again and that the film will take off when it opens in the U.S. and other markets. The film opens with a flashback to the 1980s where young Dominic and his brother experience an event that changes their lives and drives a wedge between them. Moving forward to the present day, Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), are living in seclusion with Dom’s son. When the crew shows up unexpectedly with a mission from Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell); who has gone missing, the crew venture out to retrieve a missing device which in turn puts them directly in the path with nefarious individuals and a ghost from Dom’s past. As anyone who has watched any films in the series knows; the plots are often thin and a bit absurd as they serve simply as a device for the cast to assemble and chase a McGuffin to save the day. In doing so; the audience knows there will be an abundance of fists, bullets, cars, crashes, and outrageous stunts along the way. While reality and credibility are not words associated with the franchise, the cast eagerly plays along with the absurdity, action, and mayhem and gives fans what they want. While the middle portion dragged while the audience was given more of the setup and introduced to cast members old and new; the action sequences are the over-the-top show stoppers which have become a staple of the franchise. Director Justin Lin knows this and his return to the franchise does not attempt to invoke any new wrinkles and gives fans what they expect. The large ensemble works well with one another and John Cena is a very interesting addition to the cast. Audiences will want to make sure to stay seated for a bonus scene that sets up the next film or spin-off very well and opens up some very interesting possibilities. In the end “F9 The Fast Saga” gives audiences a dose of high-octane adrenaline and a return to no-brainer over the top action when it is needed the most. Check your brain at the door, strap in, and enjoy the ride. 3.5/5

  • Peter89Spencer

    3 day ago - This delay was worth waiting for... First of, it was really cool how they did the flashback; looked like it was filmed in a retro camera, which made it look like it was filmed in the 1989/90s!. Clearly a nod to the first Fast & Furious film. I mean, I was confused at first by what the flashback was telling me, but halfway through the film, it started to all make sense! I give it 5 stars, for basically going overboard with the rocket launcher mounted on a car, the editing for the flashbacks, bringing back two of the characters from Tokyo Drift, combining cheesy humor with outstanding action, the redemption, the post credit scene featuring Jason Statham! And of course the surprising return of Han, and how he survived (the latter definitely had questions that needed answering). Not to mention the storyline itself was brilliantly done.

  • msbreviews

    7 day ago - FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "F9 takes its ridiculously absurd action sequences to intolerably nonsensical levels, all while trying to tell an overlong, messy, unimaginative story surrounding one of the most generic cliches. Justin Lin ignores the little balance that the saga still possesses in previous installments, delivering insanely dumb moments throughout entire set pieces, contrary to having a somewhat acceptable action scene with the occasional suspension of disbelief in a specific situation. Daniel Casey and Lin are also unable to create a compelling narrative around Dom's lost brother, ultimately damaging years of character development for Vin Diesel's role. Bringing back Han was as unnecessary as the unconvincing explanation for his return, hurting not only this movie's pacing and extended runtime but also the emotional weight of previous films. The original cast members and the exceptional production value are enough to save this installment from being a massive disaster. If you're able to (really) shut down your brain for over two hours, this might still be an entertaining time at the theater. However, even for fans of the Fast & Furious saga, I doubt this movie will end up as one of your favorites." Rating: D+